There is 10% of the plastic waste of a total household waste mass, upon that there are 80% of waste recycling suitable polymers!

«Polypepp» LLC positively affects on environment preservation, being a polymer waste processer and producing regranulate.

Our company pays attention to research works in the field of polymer waste recycling. We closely cooperate with the academic teaching staff of the only subject-oriented state university, which is Ukrainian State Chemical-Engineering University (USCEU) in Dnipro city.

To assure maximum efficiency of plastic waste processing and getting the highest quality of the final product, «Polypepp» LLC constantly upgrades its production facility according to the most recent development of the modern polymer industry.

We engage the best experts in the field of engineering, armed with the unique knowledge to develop a special equipment for plastic recycling and adjustment of the one in possession. This method allows both us and our partners provide with the most progressive equipment to implement the most empowering technology of polymer processing.

The regranulate refinement drives up its consumption by plastic product manufacturers.

«Polypepp» LLC constantly performs quality control tests of manufactured product in the process-specialized laboratories of USCEU.

We are favorably compared with «brothers in trade» by means of the effective usage of plastic processing empowering methods.

Nowadays we have created 38 workplaces and accommodated manufacture at 3000 square meters. Our manufacturing feasibility allows us to produce 200 tons of high-quality granule per month.

Key facts

  • There have been working 23 people in the company.
  • We have processed more than 20000 tons of waste for 11 years.
  • On average we produce 70% of PP and 30% of PE yearly.
  • We ship more than 5 tons of granule daily.
  • Our manufacture line works 24/7.
  • We have more than 25 pieces of heavy equipment in the possession.
  • 90% of our product goes to the domestic market of Ukraine.
  • Our manufacturing capacities are placed in the territory of 3000 square meters.
  • We always keep in stock the ready-made granule
  • Each piece of equipment has been designed and built by the Polypepp company.
  • Every person leaves about 80 kilos of polymer waste annually, which is to be recycled.
  • We use recirculating water system to consume less than 2 cubic meters per day.
  • Our equipment allows processing of the feedstock with the smallest fracture along with a high amount of impurities.
  • Each day manufacturing technicians and engineers work on improvement of product quality.
  • On demand, we are capable of producing modified granule with customized parameters.