The «Polypepp» company cares of ecology and environment. Our manufacture hardly ever impacts the environment, rather, on the contrary, it releases our planet of production waste recycling it into granules.

There is 10% of waste that is being recycled in Ukraine. And 90% lands into a dump site. It is more than 30% recycled waste in European Union countries.

Secondary granule world market grows by 5% each year, which means our planet becomes cleaner. As of today, the chemical industry is not capable of market saturation with primary products. Most world manufacturers actualize and change over their processing units for secondary granule production.

On average, there is 1 kW being used to produce one kilo of granules, which is far less than power consumption when producing primary plastic.

Every person leaves about 80 kilos of polymer waste annually, which is to be recycled, however since the 50s and up till nowadays, there has been produced more than 8,3 billion tons of plastic by humans (according to University of California).

In case you have any polymer waste, we kindly ask you to email or phone us. For more details see FEEDSTOCK PROCUREMENT.